There are many days throughout the year to choose from, but New Year’s Eve might very well be one of the best nights of the year to get engaged.

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1.  It’s a romantic evening for couples and you’ll already be celebrating the best way you both know how! Whether celebrating with friends & family or at a party full of new friends, you’ll be with your love celebrating a start of a new year…and start of a new adventure together!

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2.  Champagne is already on the menu. It wouldn’t be NYE without bubbly for toasting and now you can toast to your love and future together!

NYE proposal

3.  You’ll be looking your best! NYE is a night for dressing up in your fancy party clothes so you’ll already be ready for some post-engagement photos.

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4.  Confetti & glitter ~ two of our favourite things! The NYE decor may not be the only thing that glitters & shines!

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