How to Make Your Bridal Favours Special

So you’re getting married! Among all the stress, you want to give your bridesmaids a little thank you for putting up with the stress and little bit of crazy that comes with wedding preparations. Don’t blow your wedding budget on bridal favours when you can give away the cutest thank you’s without breaking the bank.

1- Manicure in a jar: This little party favour is so great because it won’t break the bank, but is also the cutest. Mason jars from dollar stores, buying manicure tools in packs of 5 from a dollar store, and splurging on a good nail polish tied up with a bow and a sticker with handwritten names on top makes for a really cute, special, and personal thank you.

Source: Pinterest

2- Lavender soap: Who doesn’t love a fresh smelling bar of lavender soap? With some twine wrapped around with a piece of dried lavender, and a cute little note will make anyones heart melt. We also love the cheesy notion of ‘from brides shower to yours.’

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3- Test tube tea: We love this DIY because it’s so simple and beautiful! Filling up test tubes with your favourite tea, like this rose one, or making up a bunch of different flavours of teas into an assortment bundle!

Source: Pinterest

4- Mini champagne: We all love a bit of bubbly, and this mini champagne kit is sure to do the trick! An adorable bottle of mini champagne with a little DIY spirit in the label, or spray glitter, some ribbon and a cute straw makes for a super sweet surprise!

Source: Pinterest

What have been your favourite bridal favours you’ve received? Or have you come up with different ideas that you’re excited to use? Let us know your thoughts or if you decide to use one of these ideas!


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