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About Svetlana Yanova Photography

The fabulous Svetlana Yanova, has been a Pop-up Weddings Calgary partner from the very beginning. With the ability to capture even the camera shy, the fabulous Svetlana captures her clients as they really are – fun or serious, goofy, romantic, loving, laughing and enjoying life.

Meet Svetlana

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How did you get your start in the industry?

It feels like yesterday when I was asked to photograph a co-worker's wedding and it was a sink or swim situation, but I instantly fell in love with weddings, and it's been 10 amazing years of photographing beautiful couples in love!

Favourite things about what you do?

My favourite part is definitely the connection with my clients, and being able to bring out the most genuine reactions from them. I love seeing their world through my lens and showing them how beautiful they are. Also, as geeky as it sounds, I love editing the images!

If you were a wedding cake, what would you look like?

I absolutely love naked cakes, their simplicity, sweetness and deliciousness! 🙂 Plus, you get exactly what you see!

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What is your favourite season?

Summer all the way!! I absolutely love long days and beautiful late sunsets, lush greenery and warm nights. I adore sunny days and feel like I'm a whole new person in the summer with all that vitamin D we are getting! 🙂

What inspires you?

Relationships and truthfulness are very important and inspiring to me - I love seeing the love and care between the couples, fun and silliness during family sessions, confidence and poise during personal branding photos. In my personal life, it's my family that inspires me and I love the support they give me.

Tea of coffee?

Coffee, coffee, coffee...and sometimes organic tea (blueberry is the best!).

Glitter or confetti?

I will probably be the only person to say confetti! haha They remind me of big events (New Years, weddings) years back in Russia where all the houses and streets would be covered in it during the celebrations, and I have the best memories of them!

Favourite things about working with Pop-ups?

As soon as I heard about the concept of pop-up weddings, I was so excited to work with Erin! I love the idea of short and sweet beautifully stylized weddings, where I know the decor will be gorgeous and every little detail will be taken care of. Pop up weddings give couples an opportunity to have an amazing wedding without breaking their budget.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I once had a full-day wedding edited the next day! Again, geeky, but I was super excited about it! I'm also proud of all the fantastic wedding vendor friends I have made over the years and happy we help each other build our businesses. Oh and one more - finally getting my drivers license at the age of 25 after being incredibly scared to be behind the wheel. Now I can't see myself without driving and seeing all the beautiful places where my weddings take me!

Favourite guilty pleasure?

Used to be chocolate, now it's probably Netflix! So many favourite shows! And...exclamation marks!! 🙂

Favourite quote?

"Treat other like you want to be treated"

About Svetlana Yanova Photography

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Svetlana Yanova is a wedding, lifestyle and beauty photographer based in Calgary. Her mission in life is to create the most amazing and relaxed portraits her clients have ever had, so they can cherish them for years to come. She know how to bring out the beautiful in each person who is in front of her camera and she absolutely loves doing it.

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