The Best Edible Wedding Favours for your Guests

Originally posted July 20, 2016

Favours. They seem to be such a mystery for some couples to figure out and other couples just simply nail it.

Some of the most popular favours this year are of the edible variety. This means your guests can enjoy them rather than finding a place for them on the shelf beside Great Auntie Ethel’s collection of crystal woodland creatures. We know, you know what we are talking about…

We’ve compiled a list of our top favourite wedding favours, which might help solve your favour dilemma!


Oh yes we did, we started with the incredible Krispy Kreme double pack. These donuts could quite possibly be the best ever, but we will let your guests decide.

edible wedding favours

Homemade pickles, yes please. One of our most favourite favours was actually pickled carrots – crunchy, garlicky and perfect for snacking. if you don’t have the pickling gene, visit your local farmers market and support local picklers.  

popup weddings

No one will complain if they are taking home a lovely set of macaroons. Available in so many flavours these light, delectable treats will be gone before your guests can even get them home.

edible wedding favours

Something else you can shop locally for; personal pies! If we are your guest list then blueberry, cherry or lemon would be quite acceptable! We’ve heard strawberry-rhubarb is popular too!

wedding planner yyc

Very popular on the wedding favour scene are individual bottles of bubbly with cute straws. Keep them chilled and your guests can sip on them during photos, speeches or at any time in the evening.

Freshly roasted coffee beans in a cute personalized mug is a great gift. We are lucky to have some great local shops that actually roast in Calgary. If you are seriously interested you could check out Rosso Coffee Roasters, Fratello Coffee Roasters, Roast Coffee & Tea Co., or Monogram Coffee to name a few.


A candy buffet is a way to let your guests pick their own sweet, or sour!, favours. In fact, I can’t ever remember anyone ever complaining about a candy buffet unless it was empty! Our favourite candy buffet supplier? The Sugar Cube of course!

sugar cube yyc

A small sipper of moonshine perfect for your crew? Make sure you get the perfect size that will slip into your suit jacket pocket or handbag. Have some fun with it and make your batch to give away!

elope calgary

Planning on hitting the bar after your pop-up wedding? Your guests will thank-you immensely for their Hangover kit. 

yyc elope

Looking for something on the sweeter side? A tin of your favourite brittle or bark would make a great favour. If you slip a Bear Claw or two in with the bark we will forever be your best friend. A few of our favourite spots to pick up these sweet treats are Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory or The Fudgery and Mountain Chocolates in Banff.

wedding favours

Favours can be tricky, but don’t let them stress you out. Start by thinking about what the both of you like or enjoy and the ideas will start to flow. Because your pop-up wedding will save you a few dollars, you can afford to spend just a bit more on your intimate guest list.

Looking for your perfect, intimate wedding ceremony? Contact us at Pop-up Weddings Calgary and see if an elopement would be right for your special day!

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