Edited. Originally published November 9, 2016

The snow is falling, the sun is out and it’s the perfect setting for your Winter Pop-up Wedding! But wait! The final touch you’ll need is a lovely shawl to keep you cozy while still being able to show off your gorgeous dress!

Here are 8 lovely shawls we love found on Etsy!

This beautiful faux fur shawl is only $61.75 and is available in grey,

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Originally posted July 7, 2017

One misconception about eloping is you don’t wear a wedding dress. But we are here to tell you, that’s definitely not true!

Some brides like the fact that they don’t need to spend money on a glamorous gown for their pop-up wedding BUT many brides still want to. One of the great (and fun!) things about eloping is you can choose whichever way you want to go!

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