A Bride’s Guide to Receiving the Perfect Ring

Everyone loves surprises, but did you know that only one in three marriage proposals are a surprise (source: https://www.theknot.com/content/the-knot-2017-jewelry-and-engagement-study)? You’ve imagined your dream ring since you were a little girl, but how do you ensure he picks up the perfect ring? Are there norms and standards about ring shopping? First things first – before you decide to think of a ring, it is key to make sure you both have communicated your hopes for marriage and the future. Before contemplating the ring, ensure you are both on the same page together.

Every couple will have their own style when it comes time to choose the ring. Perhaps your partner is a traditionalist and would love to be the one to make the final decision on your ring and surprise you with an intricate, orchestrated proposal. Bring his attention to certain stones, shapes and metals by sharing pictures of beautiful rings on Instagram, or as you’re casually strolling past a jewelry store; tell him what elements you love about these rings (and don’t forget to mention what you don’t love). Keep the communication about your ring preferences open; tell him about the ring you always dreamed of. If this is too bold a strategy for you, direct him to your sister or best friend, who can guide him on the right path to the perfect ring.


TIP: Before dropping any hints on your perfect ring, make sure he is emotionally and financially prepared to purchase the ring. Open and honest communication is key to ensuring your expectations remain on the same page.

Reluctant to rely on his taste to determine the lifelong fate of your ring finger? You don’t have to. Rather than telling him exactly the ring you want, include him in the process and make ring shopping a couple’s affair – who better to affirm a ring’s complement to your personality and style? Custom-made rings are often a lengthier process, but it can be a fun activity for both of you, and the result will be one-of-a-kind. While custom-made rings are also often more costly, you can find a jeweler who won’t push sales, but will work within your budget to create the perfect ring for you. This is a fun way to incorporate meaning behind each element of a ring and get creative. If you’re worried that this will take away the romance from a traditional surprise engagement, there are other ways your partner can make their proposal special.


TIP: For the hyper-modern equality-advocating couple, Why not surprise your groom with an engagement ring of his own? Maybe even propose on one knee!

With less surprise proposals occurring, choosing your own ring or shopping for a ring together has emerged as a modern trend. The journey of designing a ring together can be just as romantic as receiving the ring during a choreographed flash mob proposal. Whatever your style, keep in mind that there are no reinforced rules when it comes to choosing your perfect ring. There are no right or wrong ways to go about the ring process. Do whatever is most comfortable for you and your partner. Keep open and honest communication, always. And remember that this rock on your finger symbolizes something much more significant – your undying love for one another.

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